Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Life is Good at the Beach!

Name: Anna aka. BeachMama

Store Name: Life is Good...At the Beach (

What made you choose your shop name: This is the name of my blog (Life is Good... At the Beach) and I would post all these fun crafty things on my blog. After a lot of pressure to open an Etsy shop I finally did it.

Date Shop Opened: March 25, 2008

What you sell: Sewing, Knitting, Photography and Paper Items

What Made you want to start: Friends and Family encouraged me, now it is a way for me to pay for my hobbies.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase: Fun n' Funky for all.


BeachMama said...

Thank you Meghann! I just put up a few more things last night. I will be posting some photography in the next week as well.

Thanks again,

Meghann said...

anytime! It's good to see a new face :)