Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd!

Name: Redd Hynes
www.damenamedredd.com/blog )

Store Name: Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd

What Made You Chose Your Shop Name: I thought about a name for months before my shop opened. One day, this came to me, and I got good feedback on it.

Date Shop Opened: February 4, 2008

What You Sell: an eclectic range of jewelry and accessories.

What Made You Want To Start: I was making all of these things anyway so I figured maybe I could try and sell them. If they didn't sell then at least they could be seen. Turns out they sell.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase: Everything from kitsch to class and whatever is in between.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet Loopy 4 Ewe!

Store Name: Loopy 4 Ewe

What Made You Chose Your Shop Name: My husband and I bounced names around and then I got some friends involved. I'm not sure how we landed on the actual "Loopy 4 Ewe" except that my hubby came up with the Loopy part. It was certainly a creative collaboration

Date Shop Opened: Feb 2007

What You Sell: I've been making things forever. One day there was an ad in a local directory asking if someone could make a baby gift for them.

What Made You Want To Start: I'm a stay at home Mom. My oldest has life threatening food allergies so we knew I'd be home for awhile so we'd be able to cater to her as much as possible. The idea of doing something I love, getting paid for it and staying at home with my kids is ideal.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase: Cute, fun and practical.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet Fireseed: Lampwork Beads and Jewellery By Louise Ingram

Name: Louise Ingram
Store name: Fireseed (http://www.fireseed.ca, http://www.fireseed.etsy.com)
What made you choose your shop name: I was trying to think of something catchy that related to what I'm doing. I make my beads by melting glass in a flame, so in a way they are seeds from the fire, and seeds from my imagination that sprout in the flame.
Date shop opened: Hmmm.. that's a good question, oh it says May 2007!
What do you sell: Handmade lampworked glass beads and, if I'm feeling really creative, jewellery with them on, but my jewellery skills amount to stringing a bead on a cord or chain.
What made you start: I found glass beads online, was amazed by them and had to find out how they were made. It was all downhill from there, now I'm a confessed glass-a-holic
Your Store in one word or phrase: the results of a delicate dance with fire and glass