Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet Fireseed: Lampwork Beads and Jewellery By Louise Ingram

Name: Louise Ingram
Store name: Fireseed (,
What made you choose your shop name: I was trying to think of something catchy that related to what I'm doing. I make my beads by melting glass in a flame, so in a way they are seeds from the fire, and seeds from my imagination that sprout in the flame.
Date shop opened: Hmmm.. that's a good question, oh it says May 2007!
What do you sell: Handmade lampworked glass beads and, if I'm feeling really creative, jewellery with them on, but my jewellery skills amount to stringing a bead on a cord or chain.
What made you start: I found glass beads online, was amazed by them and had to find out how they were made. It was all downhill from there, now I'm a confessed glass-a-holic
Your Store in one word or phrase: the results of a delicate dance with fire and glass

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Louise said...

thank you! *waving* I'm adding a link to the blog from my website :)