Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet Lulu's Hook Crochet!

Name: Melanie

Store Name: Lulu's Hook Crochet (

What Made You Chose Your Shop Name: When I was growing up my Dad nicknamed me Lulu and I crochet with a hook, so Lulu's Hook made sense.

Date Shop Opened: Jan 20, 2009

What You Sell: Crochet items - hats, scarves, neckies, blankets, handbags, among other things. Bead jewelry. And I plan on learning to sew and adding handmade bags and and I'm sure other sewing projects.

What Made You Want To Start: I've wanted a craft shop for years - since I started making the bead jewelry in 2004/05. I like to have a project to work on.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase: Whimsical


Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu! (my mum used to call me that!) I'm looking forward to seeing some of your projects ;o)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi! I'm working away at some hats and things to add to the shop.

Thanks for the "Meet" post!